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A better guest communication

InRoomPad acts as a 24-hour / 7-day information platform. It allows you to give your guests access to all the important information about your hotel and the surroundings at a glance. It offers you an optimized way to communicate about your services, your current offers and the local events, enhancing the experience of staying at your hotel.

Furthermore, InRoomPad enables you to promote your services through personalized notifications and messages. You can also welcome your guests and keep them informed of last minute offers and events, through personalized messages. The live chat with the lobby enables your guests to make their queries, requests, suggestions and complaints while being comfortably installed in their room.

InRoomPad is a multilingual app. Your international guests will be provided with information in the language they speak.

Higher sales revenues

With InRoomPad, you have the ideal tool to promote your hotel and the services you offer. Our App enables your guests to book hotel services (such as restaurant, room service, wellness & Spa) directly from their room. It can also integrate your hotel shop and third-party services, allowing you to maximize your sales revenue. The notification service may be used for last-minute offers from the spa / restaurant.

Optimized processes and lower costs

InRoomPad saves you time and money by enabling you to provide up-to-date guest directories, room service menus, and newspapers and magazines using its easy-to-use backend. Many services such as picking up trays, ordering breakfast and other room services, can now be done online. Thus, you save on staffing costs, reduce the workload and simplify the daily work for our team.

A better understanding of guests

InRoomPad allows you to get a better knowledge of your costumers through their orders and reservation data. It helps you to optimize your hotel services and offers, and get a better understanding your guests’ wants, preferences and needs.

A dynamic way to display your business’s personality

InRoomPad allows you to entirely customize your digital guest directory in its content, as well as in its functionalities. Thus, our tablet App becomes your best friend in deploying your business’s specific style.

A better guest’s experience

With InRoomPad, you will be able to properly reach your guests by sending content that’s specifically tailored to them. Your services are available to them around the clock. Your guests will be delighted with such a 24-hour information platform specifically tailored to them.