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Guest App solution for independent hotels

InRoomPad Guest App is specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Guests will have access to all of your hotel key information, services and amenities on their telephone and from the comfort of their room.

InRoomPad offers an innovative way to digitally communicate with guests in their rooms.

InRoomPad provides hotels with an optimised, tailor-made platform for communication and sales, combining the traditional guest directory, in-room service menu, local events agenda, and hotel shop in one app.

InRoomPad allows you to entirely customise your digital guest directory in its content and in its functionalities. Our Guest App becomes your best friend in deploying your business’s specific style.

A Digital GUEST DIRECTORY always at hand

Traditional guest directories are no longer of use. They were hard to keep attractive and up-to-date.

InRoomPad guest directory solution enables you to reach your guests by sending content specifically tailored to them. In just a few clicks your guests will have access to your A to Z, restaurants menus and much more. You will be able to draw their attention to your offers, tips and services (spa offers, hotel shopping portal…). Your guests will be delighted with such a 24-hour information platform!

Besides guest satisfaction,  InRoomPad enables you to improve your internal processes, to increase revenues and generate cost savings. It acts as an in-room platform for promoting your hotel service. Your guests will easily order, request and book hotel services right through the app.


InRoomPad Web App
With its web app, InRoomPad enables you to offer digital services on your guest own device by scanning a QR Code linked to the room. This allows the hotel to recognise the current room which is ordering.
InRoomPad Mobile App
InRoomPad Mobile is available on Google Play and Apple Store. Once installed on his phone, your guest will be able to connect to the app, using a QR Code provided at the reception desk.
InRoomPad Tablet
This is a dedicated tablet made available by the hotel in each of its rooms, to act as a 24-hour / 7-day multilingual information platform. The tablet is linked to the room and, thus, is able to recognize the current guest.

inroompad GUEST DIRECTORY main features

InRoomPad Guest App serves as an easy booking and reservation tool. Using the app, your guests will be able to book tables at the hotel restaurant, order room services or book spa & wellness treatments.

Products to book / sell are easily managed through the back-office web application.

Allowing your guests to request and book hotel’s services right through the app saves your reception staff time and effort.

InRoomPad can integrate your hotel shop, allowing your guests to buy your shop’s items (local specialties, food products, beauty products, vouchers…) from the comfort of their room.

Room service orders are processed directly through the application, which offers a full ticket management system: No order is lost – orders are automatically assigned and show at all times their current status. Products to book / sell are easily managed through the back-office web application.

Having a POS integrated directly into the tablet allows the hotel to greatly optimize its revenue streams and staff.

Guests can quickly and easily make requests and exchange messages with the lobby.

Integrating guest messaging services and guest requests allow the hotel to better optimize staff, reduce costs and offer guests the best hotel stay experience.

Through InRoomPad, you may offer your guests access to their favorite newspapers, magazines and radios.

The in-app messaging fonctionality enables your team to send messages to all rooms to promote last-minute offers from the spa / restaurant. The push notification fonctionality can also welcome your guests by name and make personalized offers.


better guest communication
InRoomPad offers you an optimized way to communicate about your services, your current offers and the local events.
Higher sales revenues
With InRoomPad, you have the ideal tool to promote the services you offer and to enable your guests to book them directly from their room.
Optimized processes
... and lower costs. With InRoomPad, you save on staffing costs, reduce the workload and simplify the daily work for your team.
Better understanding of guests
InRoomPad allows you to get a better knowledge of your costumers through their orders and reservation data.
business’s personality
InRoomPad allows you to entirely customize your digital guest directory in its content, as well as in its functionalities.
better guest’s experience
Your guests will be delighted with such a 24-hour information platform, specifically tailored to them.


Back office content management
Easy back office access controlled via a secure client web portal that manages remotely all content displayed to the guest. Update your application in real time.
Your guests can book your services on their phone in just a few clicks: room service, spa treatments, restaurant reservations, activities... They can read the news, check the weather forecast, listen to the radio and much more.
Push notification – In App messaging
Push Notifications are a great way of staying in contact with your guests. This feature allows you to easily target a room or a client. Create ad campaign for special events or offers.
Chat with your guests and make them feel special on the platform of their choice (WhatsApp - Telegram - Messenger).
PMS Interface
Recommended but not "necessary" costly - hazardous.


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