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digital communication with guests IS the new normal…

For the last decade, digitalization has conquered the hotel industry. But it has remained more focused on the stage preceding the guest’s stay (communication about the hotel, booking confirmation…), and rather limited during his stay. Most hotels continued to rely on outdated traditional guest directories and physical / phone contact when interacting with guests.

…InRoomPad enables us to better engage with our guests.

Over the last few years, things have started to change. Some hoteliers started looking for alternatives to traditional guest directories, as they found it was hard to keep them attractive and up-to-date, and difficult to figure out the extent to which they are really explored by guests.

At InRoomPad, we set ourselves the goal of helping hoteliers to embrace more digitalization by offering them digital guest directories.

Our solutions have been developed with the help of luxury hoteliers from France, Switzerland, Germany and USA. Since 2012, we have equipped more than 100 luxury hotels and over 10 000 hotel rooms worldwide with our “Luxury Hotels Publications” guest directories.

Coming from the business of traditional guest directories, we remain committed to fulfilling the wants and needs of modern guests. With our new solutions, we introduce new communication channels, with the desire to integrate their communication habits and requirements.

InRoomPad offers an innovative way to digitally communicate with guests in their rooms. It provides hotels with an optimized, tailor-made platform for communication, but also for sales, combining the traditional guest directory, in-room service menu, local events agenda, and hotel shop in one tablet.

Our objective is to become, over the coming five years, one of the most successful providers of digital guest directories.


A better guest communication: InRoomPad allows you to give your guests access to all the important information about your hotel and the surroundings at a glance.

With InRoomPad, you have the ideal tool to promote your hotel and the services you offer, allowing you to maximize your sales revenue.

Optimized processes and lower costs: With InRoomPad, you save on staffing costs, reduce the workload and simplify the daily work for your team.

InRoomPad allows you to entirely customize your digital guest directory in its content and functionalities.  It is your best friend in deploying your business’s specific style.

Our Vision

Bank on digital services to offer guests the best stay experience!

We are convinced that the age of traditional room folders and floods of flyers is over. We think it is time to bring the hotel industry in the digitalization age.


Our purpose is to offer hosts an optimized way to communicate about their services and to promote their current offers, providing richer stay experiences to their guests. With our solutions, guests have everything they need at their fingertips. At the same time, hosts increase their revenue, save on staffing costs, reduce the workload and simplify the daily work for their employees.

William Hertz
William Hertz

InRoomPad enables you to better engage with your guests, and to reduce your operational costs, a definitely win-win solution.

Zouheir Tamarou
Chief Technology Officer

InRoomPad offers you the most powerful, efficient and easy-to-use content management system on the market!

Viviane Schott
Chief Content Manager & Support Officer

Our team will help you customizing your digital guest directory in its content, as well as in its functionalities. Every moment, we will be your best friend in deploying your business’s personality.

Arnauld Lapierre
Vice President

With InRoomPad, your guests will have everything they need at their fingertips, on a 24/7 basis. You will entirely reshape their stay experience!

our history

A profound Understanding of Luxury hospitality Industry 

Editions CB Publicité (ECBP) is Founded by Arnauld Lapierre and Willam Hertz to serve world-class hotels and resorts, mainly in Europe, with luxury Room Directories, promoting at the same time luxury products and services.
Following the business model of ECBP, Luxury Hotel Publications (LHP) is founded in 1995 to serve the Caribbean market, before expanding to the US market, in 98.
LHP absorbs ECBP European market activities to become a word leader in Luxury Room Directories.
LHP Room Directories are adopted in more than 200 hotels and resorts spread over 28 US, 12 Caribbean and 17 EU markets.
LHP US branch is sold. LHP Europe expands its network over the Old Continent.
Equation of Time is founded to ensure the distribution of high end watch brands in the Americas, covering Canada, USA, Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America
LHP Europe starts digitizing its Guest Directories, thus becoming a pioneer in this field.
Digital Directories go online with ISSUU and the use of a QRcode.
Luxury Hotel Touch (LHT) is founded to to cover the US market in the first place, and the Americas later.
LHP, LHT and FinLight Research S.A. (FLR), a Tech company managed by Zouheir Tamarou, create a multi-party partnership to launch In Room Pad LLC and offer their clients all the in-room digital solutions they need.

In Room Pad LLC launches its InRoomPad Dedicated Tablet, offering high end hotels and resorts a cost-effective solution to bank on digital services for their guests.
In Room Pad LLC is now expanding its Digital Guest Directory offer with 2 complementary solutions: the InRoomPad Web App and the InRoomPad Mobile App