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A large tablet with a high resolution screen and magnetic docking station

10-inch tablet under Android 9 OS, with a magnetic charging station. The tablet provides a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with sharp colors, offering your hotel’s brand the ideal scene to make the show. The docking station and tablet are interconnected via a magnetic charging connection optimized. This protects the tablet and facilitates its handling by guests and housekeepers.

Enhanced security

To ensure a high level of security for your guests ans your hotel, the InRoomPad tablet has no USB port, nor SD card slot. It only has an audio outlet for headphones.

Furthermore, the device is locked on InRoomPad app. No other application can be downloaded / run. Navigation on the net is also restricted: Access to needed websites is done through web views within the app.

Content management

The tablets are controlled via a secure client web portal that manages remotely all content displayed to the guest. New guides, recommendations and services can be added in minutes and instantly pushed to the tablets.

The application backend relies on a role-based authorization system allowing the Super Admin to manage your user-rights and adjust them to your needs.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Device identity is a key piece of MDM. Each tablet is enrolled in our MDM, and then identified by its Unique Device ID. The Back Office app offers a central device overview with state of charge, activity display and remote maintenance.


InRoomPad is a cloud-based platform, with first-rate cloud service providers based in the Eurozone and USA.

Multi-channel solution

Besides the InRoomPad dedicated tablet, our solution is available through a Web App and a mobile app (for Android / iOS).